Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane Active Living

Living actively is incredibly important to me! When I am looking for active wear, I want something that is beyond comfortable and is also stylish. Since I usually spend more time in my athletic clothes than just working out being stylish is somewhat important to me. When I was in Lorna Jane in early September,… Read More

Must Have's - Oct 17

Friday Must Have’s

Fall is finally upon us! We are now in the thick of these cold, rainy, and windy days. These days make me want to wrap up in plaid scarves, distressed denim, and big comfy sweaters. Since today was a true fall day, this outfit is even more compelling to pull out of the closet. Ya,… Read More

Beginning of Fall

Beginning of Fall Weather

This fall weather is always catching me off guard. One day it is pouring down rain and then the next there is a warmth to the air. This is always what catches me off guard and I’m either under prepared or way over prepared. This skirt and sweater are perfect for this those days when… Read More

September Favorites

Finally, I’m back to filming. I feel like I said this last time, but I promise that I will try to do better. My apartment building is going through some MAJOR construction, so filming is a very tricky thing. I have to either film in the evenings or during their lunch break about noon. If… Read More