It’s Been A Week

My goodness, I can’t believe I didn’t post for an entire week! I was doing so good until Friday and then I got crazy busy planning an event I have this weekend. Does anybody else get so distracted with something that they completely forget about everything else they are doing? That happens to me all… Read More


Matte Smokey Eye

I decided to do a bit of a different look today. Normally I feel like I often do makeup looks that have the creamy or light pink colors. Today’s look contains neither of those. I am using a matte purple shadow to create that gorgeous smokey makeup. This is one of my favorite looks even… Read More



I think one thing I am absolutely horrible at is keeping my spaces clean. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but places like my desk and dresser are always collecting tons of clutter. It absolutely drives me nuts! I think one of my biggest things is trying to take 10 minutes here… Read More

Workout Wish List

Workout Wish List

Tons of people start off their year, with a very specific new year’s resolution. If you haven’t figured it out, it has something to do with working out typically. This is not a resolution I made this year, because I was already doing well with my workout routine. However, since it is such a popular… Read More